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Excipients Insight - March/April 2019

  • 23 Apr 2019

Dear IPEC Europe members,

Welcome to our spring edition of Excipients Insight and it’s hard to believe we’re one quarter down in 2019 already! It has been a busy time with the Board and several committees convening to plan and begin the work programmes for this year. In this issue, some of the highlights of these meetings are presented and if these raise any questions in your mind or spark your interest, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details via

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Excipients Insight - January/February 2019

  • 27 Feb 2019

Dear readers,

It was so pleasing to see so many familiar and new faces at our recent Annual Forum in Malta, a new destination for us and our furthest yet! For those of you who were not able to attend, this issue of Excipients Insight provides a comprehensive report of what was presented and discussed. And that’s really the intention of our Forum ... to get people talking which in turn helps us to focus our efforts.

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Excipients Insight - November/December 2018

  • 17 Dec 2018

Dear Excipients Insight readers,

Welcome to the last edition of our newsletter for 2018. And a bumper edition it is!

It’s hard to believe that the year has passed so quickly and of course, it’s that time when we reflect on we did, what remains to be done and where to next?! First and foremost, and perennially, we remain ever thankful for those members who contribute so much to our efforts.

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Excipients Insight - October 2018

  • 31 Oct 2018

Dear Excipients Insight readers,

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter.

As I think of what’s been happening in recent weeks, once more we are in a hurry to consider some draft guidance documents from the China Pharmacopoeia (ChP) Commission on excipients of animal origin and excipient suitability studies. These have been distributed to our IPEC Europe members and relevant committees, and as I’ve mentioned before we greatly appreciate your contributions in very short turnaround times.

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Excipients Insight - September 2018

  • 25 Sep 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our latest edition and as this is hot-on-the-heels of the IPEC Europe Board meeting, we’ve been able to capture a few highlights for you here. After the summer break it’s time to kick off activities to ensure we meet our 2018 goals and indeed, prepare for next year. Effectively we have only three months left so we task out committees and working groups to make their best efforts to close out projects and develop plans for 2019 and beyond.

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Excipients Insight - July/August 2018

  • 31 Aug 2018

Dear readers,

It is unusual to be writing an editorial in August itself which is, as for many of you, our ‘holiday’ period. So, always striving to do something different, publishing this week does allow me to stay that despite our assumption that little gets done in the summer months, in fact it seems quite the opposite, for 2018 at least.

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Excipients Insight - June 2018

  • 16 Jun 2018

Dear readers,

It’s hard to believe that we’re issuing our June publication already and we find ourselves heading for the summer break. And of course, we’re now preparing for those mid-year reviews to measure progress to ensure we can meet our goals by the end of the year. Not only that but September is not far away when the Board will convene with an eye to 2019. We’ll be revisiting our Agenda 2020 to confirm our strategic direction and that we’re working on the right things to get there. More on this in future issues.

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Excipients Insight - April/May 2018

  • 15 May 2018

Welcome readers to our spring edition!

Reflecting on what has happened during the past two months, again I am drawn to the subject of regulations, and not just those that impact directly or indirectly on pharmaceutical excipients. Surprisingly, I’m talking about those areas where we wish there might be some regulatory processes in place to better protect the intellectual property of particularly, novel excipients.

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Excipients Insight - March 2018

  • 28 Mar 2018

Hello Excipients Insight readers,

As the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close, I’m glad to report that while we have set in place our plans for this year, many activities are ongoing. After our annual event in Bordeaux, we’ve had our first ‘outing’ to present the association at Europe’s First Making Pharmaceuticals event in Brussels earlier this month. IPEC Europe contributed to the speaker programme through Dr Liz Meehan and Astrid Stockrahm-Uhling, to whom we offer our thanks for spreading the word on excipient developments.

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Excipients Insight - February 2018

  • 28 Feb 2018

Dear readers,

Already at the end of this year’s second month, we have a packed edition of our newsletter for you which features several reports of our recent events in Bordeaux, France. Hopefully, for those who weren’t able to attend it will provide some great information - and for those who were there perhaps some nice reminders which you can share with colleagues.

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Excipients Insight - January 2018

  • 20 Jan 2018

Dear readers,

As this is our opening edition of Excipients Insight for 2018, on behalf of the IPEC Europe Board, I’d like to wish all reading this a most successful and rewarding New Year. It will be a very busy one no doubt, as for sure the number of challenges we face as an ‘industry’ do not seem to be in decline!

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