IPEC Europe Excipient Conference 2019

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  • Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen - Rennweg 16 - Vienna - Austria
  • 24 - 25 Sep 2019


IPEC Europe and APV are delighted to invite you to the IPEC Europe Excipient Conference 2019, our 8th annual conference on pharmaceutical excipients.
The conference will focus on regulatory guidelines relating to pharmaceutical excipients and technology.
As part of the programme we will offer “practical sessions” to provide detailed information about current IPEC Guidelines supporting industry to comply with regulatory requirements and other expectations .Three of these “practical sessions” will be held for 2 times in parallel to allow participants to attend 2 of the 3 sessions. These sessions will focus on the content of the IPEC Guidelines and provide practical examples to facilitate implementation in a company’s quality system. Participants will learn how to use the guides in daily work and can discuss with the speakers about their personal experience.
We will open the technical and scientific session of the conference with two compendial topics presented by EDQM and USP.
The remaining of the session will focus on the application of the excipients and the new findings in key areas such as pediatrics, solid dispersions as well as taste masking.
We will also have an opportunity to hear an overview on the evolving landscape of the pharmaceutical industry.
Last but not least, networking and exchange of information is a key feature of the event and table-top exhibitions aligned to the conference will encourage communication between suppliers and users.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna.

Dr. Amina Faham, IPEC Europe Board Member
Dr. Frank Milek, IPEC Europe Vice-Chair
Dr. Mahmud Yunis, IPEC Europe Board Member


Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna
Rennweg 16
1030 Vienna 
Phone: +43 1 20633


This conference is intended for professionals working in:

  • Development, manufacture and quality
  • Distribution and sales
  • Qualification of suppliers
  • Application and control of pharmaceutical excipients for medicinal products

The seminar is also intended for members of regulatory authorities and purchasing departments.


The primary goal of the conference is to highlight current hot topics in the field of pharmaceutical excipients.
Take opportunity to share your experiences and discuss with colleagues of pharmaceutical industry, academics, authorities as well as with manufacturer and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients.
This year again, we offer you to arrange your individual conference focus by choosing 2 of our three practical sessions on the first day.
You will learn how to achieve compliance for excipients by using the IPEC Guides for:

  • Co-processed Excipients
  • GDP for Pharmaceutical Excipients and
  • Technically Unavoidable Particle Profile (TUPP)

Further hot topics of the conference in this year will be:

  • The IPEC-PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide
  • The IPEC Significant Change Guide
  • Comparison of GMP Standards
  • The use of harmonised alternative methods:
    • The EDQM view
    • The USP view
  • The Pharmaceutical excipient market today
  • The role of excipients in:
    • Paediatric formulations and
    • Amorphous solid dispersions
  • Drug- and market-related implications on formulation and manufacturing of amorphous solid dispersions
  • Taste-masking approaches for bad tasting drugs