Webinar: Using Risk Assessment to define a GMP Strategy for Excipients

Category: IPEC Europe
  • IPEC Europe, Rue du Luxembourg 16B - Brussels - Belgium
  • 8 Nov 2018

Thursday 8 November 2018 - 15:30 to 16:45 CET
Featuring Iain Moore, Head of Global Quality Assurance, Croda

This webinar will discuss the importance for appropriate GMPs in an excipient manufacturing site. You will hear how risk assessment will allow you to identify the GMPs hazard and improve your quality management system.

Learning/Awareness Objectives
After completion of this webinar you should be able to:

  • Adjust your risk assessment approach
  • Be aware of the GMPs hazards in your plant
  • Understand the benefit of EXCiPACT certification
  • Discuss best practices for evaluating risks


Who should attend
This Webinar is recommended for Quality Assurance manager, Auditors and Regulatory Affairs managers.