IPEC Federation Connect - 1/2022

Category: IPEC Federation
  • 29 Mar 2022

Welcome to the latest edition of the IPEC Federation bulletin, which we hope you will find interesting. In this edition, we delve into the Federation’s objectives for 2022 and the recent meeting with PDG.

IPEC Europe is a founding member of the IPEC Federation, the association that promotes quality in pharmaceutical excipients worldwide.
IPEC Europe members have access through the IPEC Federation to a global network and receive the latest regulatory updates on excipients from the Americas, Japan, China and India.

In this issue:

  • Strategic Focus and Priority Objectives for 2022
  • Annual General Assembly and Election
  • Meeting with the Pharmacopoeial Discussion Group
  • IPEC Position Paper on Nitrosamines
  • News from IPEC around the world:
    • IPEC-Americas Excipient World in May
    • Co-processed Excipients, TiO2 and Microplastics in Europe
    • Japan: English version of JP available
    • IPEC Europe Excipients Forum 2022
    • IPEC India and Knowledge Sharing activities
  • Global events of IPECs around the world

IPEC Federation website

The IPEC Federation represents the five existing regional IPEC in the Americas, Europe, Japan, China and India. The IPEC Federation provides a unified voice to promote the best use of excipients in medicines as a means of improving patient treatment and safety.

For further information on IPEC Federation, visit www.ipec-federation.org