Food Chemicals Codex [6, 7]


European Federation of Chemical Distributors


The modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects. [11]

Feedback / Feedforward

Feedback/ feedforward can be applied technically in process control strategies and conceptually in quality management. (ICH Q10) [11]


The modification or control of a process using its anticipated results or effects. (Oxford Dictionary of English. Oxford University Press; 2003) [11]


is an alternative name for a raw material used in certain sectors of the chemical industry.


Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States [7]


First in/First out Principle Concept

Final sample

Sample ready for the application of the test procedure. [26]

Finished product

A finished dosage form that has undergone all stages of manufacture, including packaging in its final container and labelling. [20]

First in/First out Principle Concept (FIFO)

A distribution procedure to ensure that the oldest stock is distributed and/or used before a newer and identical stock item is distributed and/or used. [17]

Forced degradation/Stress testing

Forced degradation studies are used to determine the intrinsic chemical stability of the excipient by investigating and confirming chemical degradation pathways, and to confirm the stability-indicating potential of analytical procedures. ICH Q1A(R2); Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products uses the term „stress testing?. Such studies are also known as „forced degradation? studies.

Foreign Substance

A component present in the bulk pharmaceutical excipient, but NOT introduced into the excipient as a consequence of its synthesis or purification and not necessary to achieve the required functionality. (formerly referred to as contaminant) [5]

Formal Experimental Design

A structured, organized method for determining the relationship between factors affecting a process and the output of that process. Also known as ?Design of Experiments?. [9]

Formal Stability Studies

Long term and accelerated (and intermediate) studies undertaken on primary and/or commitment batches according to a prescribed stability protocol to establish or confirm the re-test period of a drug substance or the shelf life of a drug product. [13]


The Food Products Association is a trade association serving the food and beverage industry in the United States and worldwide. [6]


A desirable property of an excipient that aids and/or improves the manufacture, quality, or performance of the drug product. [4]